Our Services.

What We Offer

Jacob Way Advocates for Childhood Cancer by providing the following services.

Pediatric Cancer Relief Fund

The program aims to provide financial relief and support for food, medications, transportation, mortgage, rent, utilities, hospital stays, and other related costs. The goal is to ease the financial stress on families, allowing them to focus on their child’s well-being without the added worry of overwhelming household expenses.  

Caring Hearts Initiative

The program aims to address the emotional well-being of families and providing resources, emotional support,  care packages, financial assistance for mental health services and tools for self-care that will contribute to mental health awareness within the context of childhood cancer and to encourage families to prioritize their mental health and seek support.

Serenity Support Network

The program aims to support grieving families and relieve the financial burdens associated with honoring their child’s life and arranging a respectful farewell.


Help is available to families with children (age 0-22) fighting cancer.


Give the Gift of Hope!

We’re looking to raise $5000 to support our mission to provide financial support to the parents or guardians of children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Help us start the day of strong by making a donation and clicking that share button!


Having HOPE, gives you strength that takes you to the front lines of the fight! Don’t give up no matter what, cause the best memories can be made and they will last forever! When we come together to help the families of children diagnosed with cancer, we provide HOPE so their energy can be focused on Living for TODAY making memories.

Latorra Garland

Jacob Way  CEO